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The MacNeil Legacy: Book Two

The Dragon Tamer

Diversion Books | February 14, 2017

Jane Bonander, the bestselling author of The Dragon Tamer, writes a lush, sexy romance set in the Highlands of Scotland.

Only a short time after a single tryst changes their lives, Duncan MacNeil voyages over the sea to make his fortune in America. Isobel Dunbar stays in Scotland, giving birth to a spirited boy she names Ian. To protect her reputation, and to prevent Duncan’s wealthy, land-owning family from taking Ian away from her, Isobel concocts a story that the village comes to believe—that Ian’s father died, leaving her a poor widow. The truth, she hopes, will never be discovered, and her son will never meet his father.

When Duncan returns, weary of being out the New World and ready to take on greater responsibilities in his family’s holdings, his first order of business is to buy up the run-down brothel by the water, where Isobel has been living. He can’t understand why she refuses to sell, and he certainly cannot understand why she harbors such a resentment towards him. Then he realizes who this beautiful woman once was. Can an irresponsible boy grow into a man who makes amends? Can Isobel ever trust him to make amends, knowing that the truth puts everything she holds dear at risk.


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